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Turgo turbine


Turgo turbine is a type of Impulse turbine need less water head than Pelton turbine, transfers the water dynamic energy through the nozzle, impact on the Turgo runner, and then drive the generator transfer to electrical energy. The main different between Turgo turbine and Pelton turbine is the angle of runner center line and jet center line.Turgo turbine suit to 30-400meter water head, and water flow 30L /s -2000L/s, and output range from 10Kw to 3200Kw; runner diameter form 32cm to 80cm. Turgo turbine designed as horizontal simple structure, less investment, high efficiency, and reliable long service life.


1,Suitable water head : 30-400m

2, Output scope      : 10Kw -3200Kw

3, Runner diameter   : 32cm -800cm

4,Runner material    :cast or welded stainless steel

5, Arrangement type  : Horizontal

6, Nozzle numbers   : 1-2