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Tubular turbine

High efficiency  Hydro turbine Tubular Turbine


Tubular turbine has been divided into Bulb tubular and shaft extension tubular according to the arrangement. Suit to low water head 2-25 meters, and with certain big flow, normally divided into fixed blades and adjustable blades turbine. Main components including: runner, draft cone, water chamber, guide vane, bearing, and main shaft. The spiral case could be steel or concrete. The runner diameter we can manufacture is from 80cm to 5.8meters, with rated output 200Kw to 16Mw.

Turbine units normally be horizontal shaft arrangement. Generator equipped with same or different shaft, with Anyway, they will share the same rotating speed. If specially required, a speed increase gear could be equipped between turbine and generator in order to smaller the generator size

1,Suitable water head : 2-25m

2, Output scope      : 200Kw -16Mw

3, Runner diameter   : 80cm -560cm

4,Runner material    : stainless steel

5, Arrangement type  : HorizontalHTB11dsuOXXXXXcCaXXXq6xXFXXXV.jpg